What is shock wave technology?  

In the early 1980s, shock wave technology has achieved popularity for the first time with the introduction of extracorporal shock wave lithotripsy, i. e. the destruction of kidney stones in the human body.  

Like in many cases, nature serves as a model for particularly effective procedures. Flashlights in thunderstorms e. g. show that even relatively low energy rates can produce extremely high power levels. Here, the pulse power is several gigawatts up to terawatts at the sudden discharge of electrical energy stored in the clouds.   

The trick of the process becomes clear – the transformation of energy in an extremely short time!  

Operating principles 

Below we would like to explain to you the special characteristics of shock wave technology and its use in industrial applications. 

1. shock waves that are reflected at the interior walls of the casting and loosen tenacious mould residues or destroy cores 

as well as 

2. extremely accelerated water that follows on the shock wave and rinses the casting or breaks metal chips. 


  • decoring of investment castings / precision castings 
  • decoating of lost-foam castings 
  • removal of sand core residues 
  • removal of metal shavings or chips