In 1992, after first successful tests with the prototype of a CERABITE® shock wave system, development engineer Reinhold Thewes founded the Pulstec Stoßwellentechnik GmbH. The first industrial system was installed at Edelstahlwerke Schmees GmbH in Langenfeld, Germany, in 1994.  

In 1996, the first system for large-scale series production in the automotive industry was installed at the BMW foundry in Landshut, Germany. With each type change of cylinder heads, which are produced in the lost-foam process, the system was adjusted, in particular according to the state of the robot technology, so that this plant is still being operated in series production at the same production site today. 

Until 1997 Pulstec Stoßwellentechnik GmbH was licensor for the plant manufacturer Alb. Klein GmbH & Co.KG. In January 1998, the company name was changed to KLEIN Stoßwellentechnik GmbH. Since then, the company has developed into an internationally active equipment supplier of complete turnkey systems, primarily used for the automotive industry. 

By November 2014, more than 6.5 million cylinder heads and engine blocks had been cleaned with the CERABITE® process in the USA alone (more than 14.5 million worldwide). Since 2002, KLEIN Stoßwellentechnik GmbH has also been developing special systems for high-speed sheet forming using the Hydro-Pulse-Forming process. The services for our customers include tests in our technical centre, turnkey commissioning, preventive maintenance and after-sales services at installed systems.  

Since October 2018, KLEIN Stoßwellentechnik GmbH is a 100 % subsidiary of KLEIN Anlagenbau AG, whose aim was to expand their competence in the field of foundry equipment technology with this acquisition. In February 2019, both companies moved to the new company premises in 57258 Freudenberg, Obere Hommeswiese 53-57, Germany.